Witch trainer bird

witch trainer bird

Liverbird (GER) F. W. v. Areion Preis der canalot.se - In Gedenken an Trainer Lutz Pyritz Shy Witch sorgt für den ersten Black-Type-Wirbel in Hamburg. Juli Hamamelis x intermedia (Hybrid Witch Hazel) Hamamelis intermedia is a cross between the Chinese witch hazel, Hamamelis 'Early Bird'. Liverbird (GER) F. W. v. Areion Preis der canalot.se - In Gedenken an Trainer Lutz Pyritz Shy Witch sorgt für den ersten Black-Type-Wirbel in Hamburg.

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Witch Trainer Part 2

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I've been pacing around your Patreon PM messages with these 15 suggestions for weeks now And like this everyone will be able to see them Personally I like idea 1.

The rest is also good. Now if only someone were to put them into the game Which, depending on the winner, would allow points for their house?

The Phoenix is a NPC which has seriously to be more developed, that's for sure. I'd also like to see Hagrid and the 'outside' why not include a naughty version of the Quidditch?

This is a first draft, I'll be developing more later, as I will surely come out with more naughty ideas. I loved Witch Trainer, spent many hours in it.

I heard something that clashes with the possibility of a follow though and would like to see which of the two isn't true.

Since this is the official post, it seems like the perfect place to ask. Is it true that the first game was released earlier than planned for legal reasons?

After the fight, you can hang out with Snape at night. Your daily schedule will now be rummage the cupboard, nap 'till nightfall.

After a while, you and Snape can start hanging out at night. Do this every night until Eventually, Hermione shows up to talk.

Continue to rummage the cupboard, nap, then hang with Snape. Eventually, the Ministry of Magic will send you a letter about sending reports. You can start writing reports to earn gold.

It takes 7 chapters per report and you can submit a max of 6 reports for g per payday. Your new schedule will be search the cupboard, write a report in the morning, chill with Snape in the evening.

You'll soon find Dahr's Catalogue in the cupboard to buy stuff. You can buy educational books to increase your report writing speed and book reading speed.

You can buy fiction books, but you can't really do much with it just yet. You can also buy gifts to give Hermione. Whenever you try to do something she is unwilling to, she will leave and get mad at you for a few days.

This means she won't perform any favors; you can either wait it out or use gifts to calm her down. Continue to search the cupboard, write reports in the morning, hang with Snape at night.

Eventually, Hermione will ask you to tutor her. You can choose to tutor her, but Akabur is a lazy fuck so he didn't put in this tutoring mechanic.

If you choose to tutor her, she'll get mad you won't teach her. Either wait it out or use gifts to calm her down. I suggest waiting it out since you can't access favors yet.

Keep doing what you've been doing. Perhaps Genie even learns to do "Wand-magic" Stuff from Snape? Would be nice i think: Hope your working further on this.

That would be great to see. This in my opinion one of the best adult game i played. I had soo much fun playing this game and the comedy is just right to the point.

This game has soo many content capability but i understand u were busy and your fans wanted this game sooner. But we would all love to see u work in this game more and open up the games massive possibilities.

Vexxedsoul on August 13, , 6: Vexxedsoul on August 14, , 3: I finished it on new game plus and made sure to do everything and I finished with gold just to see if there was anything hidden.

I havent gotten the first ending yet, only I'll beat it tommorow without doing all options to her at least 3 times like I tried to before and get ending I love this game super great and I'll always have it on my personal drive, lmao, the only thing is today I took it upon myself to try and play princess trainer and I beat that as well I have to say that I feel you put a bit more content into that game than this one.

Doesn't change how I feel about it but I would suggest in another update makeing a menu for hermione, so you can see her level of depravitie and obedience like princess trainer.

And I forgot to mention that I loved every second of this game except for her getting spit on over an over at the end but that's just personal preference so that doesn't matter much.

CptTagon on June 11, , 3: How many days, roughly, should it take for Hermione to start asking for favors? I'm on Day 75, and have got nothing.

I can summon her, but she just has talk, wardrobe, and dismiss. My other file got to Day , and still nothing happened. Could someone please give me some help?

Vexxedsoul on August 13, , 7: I think it was around day Yotsuba on July 6, , 1: That really does seem excessive, but then again it's rather hilarious at the same time.

Only thing I'd have liked to see is a way to bring Hermione back to Agrabah. I have a heart warming reunion planned with one of the "Magic Shop" combinations in the future.

Any plans on incorporating pregnancy into any of the games? XanderKage on August 4, , 2: Are you aware that there's a "Russian edition", currently at v1.

Apparently they added a ton of features. Just curious if you know about it. Yes, yes, I've heard of it.

Masta on August 6, , 2: What kind of features? And i hope it's in english, tough: Greendiablo on June 27, , 6: So I have to ask, do the clothes do anything special?

Like the miniskirt in particular. This game is just great, and the dialogue in this game is just great. Alkimodon on June 24, , 7: I love your work.

I swear to the stars, as soon as I have a steady income you're one of the first I'm going to support with Patreon.

Until then, I can only offer my thanks. SuperMegaAwesome on February 22, , 5: I also have Speedwriting for Dummies, but the game also tells me I can't read books out of order.

Help can't get either ending. I beat them both and am looking for more. DGLover on May 24, , 2: I would really like this game if it wasn't such a grind fest.

I've been at it for 2 hours and I still haven't gotten to a proper sex scene. The princess trainer game was a little grindy too but better than this.

If you make another game, try to make it take less time and I'll give it 5 out of 5 stars. Leonineus on May 24, , 4: I've been playing since about ten am yesterday morning it's twenty to one in the morning now , and I'm only just up to handjobs.

Sorry Akabur, but the game's just WAY too much of a grind and given that it's never once made clear what the next step is, it takes even longer to get anywhere.

I much preferred Princess Trainer. BigBoss89IT on May 6, , 3: Hi lygarx, I have a question: Cheat engine is not very compatible with python based games.

Much more difficult to do. The values change and it is not very easy to find the address, nor does the address stay the same for every play through.

I encountered the same problem when I played Monster Girl Quest, except this game is more difficult to use cheat engine for. RedUnit10 on May 10, , 8: Hay Akabur, all links still appear to work fine for me.

SaveMe on April 22, , 9: Thank you for awesome game. Ferrit on April 20, , 9: It's always me ; downloaded the file but the launcher doesn't work, it keeps bouncing but it never starts: Someone can help me make this game run??

Is this a bug or am I missing something? Goggalor on April 13, , 6: I managed to fix this on my game by deleting the files and re-extracting them.

Curiously, this didn't erase my saves. Try playing next time. A modified shirt that show tummy and cleavage?

Greendiablo on March 31, , 6: I definitely feel like there needs to be those heart meter things in Public Favours.

Other than that I'm still loving it. Although at one point I had went over days and Herminie However the fuck you spell it wouldn't come to me wanting to sell favours.

I think what I had done wrong was I didn't chit chat with Snape and about me tutoring her. Other than those two things, it is fun, and I am excitingly waiting for more content for this game in the future.

I had a few minor bugs, hermione gains more points then she had earned making it take longer for slytherin to pass gryffindor. Ferrit on March 21, , YelloMit on March 19, , 6: Is there anyway to make Hermione better than "Not Upset?

Goggalor on March 17, , 4: Keep up the good work man, both this and Princess Trainer were great! RapidFireFaraday on March 16, , You bastard, you used the background music from Kerbal Space Program for this!

Been playing witch Trainer and having a good time. A few points I noticed: If Hermione gets rewarded say 65 points the house total often goes up by more than this, often about twice as much.

I have yet to work out another ending. Or possibly reference to her having used some of the toys in her after action reports?

For instance from an early stage in her training she starts saying she rarely wears knickers any more but when you get sex or anal sex she still has them on.

I tried refusing that amount a couple of times and getting her back into a good mood. If that is intended fine but thought I would ask.

Like wearing the but plug, or the handcuffs or using the strap-on on another girl? Given that you have her as rather slutty from the start it seems Ginny might be a good option.

Possibly one mission for Hermione would be to recruit her to help out. Then Ginny could also have a set of missions, similar to Hermione and possibly a couple of joint ones where the girls have to work together.

Possibly there would be an option to accept that and hence the player could give that house some additional points?

It can get a bit boring when awaiting Slytherin to overtake Gryffindor in the house points. Especially since if all the educational books have been read you can complete a full set of reports within a week and have little to do.

However realise this would mean a lot of additional complexity so would be less tempting than b and c above. Also does Hermione only agree to sexual favours when Slytherin is ahead of Gryffindor or when any of them are ahead of her house?

Possibly even offering them for reduced prices? Impossible for me to download the file windows. After a long "downloading" procedure, i get the message: Do you have a hint please?

This game is so great, I had to stop playing it, as I had friction burns on my cock. Are you going to expand it much, or just tweak it?

I had some thoughts on things I would like to see. Thoughts on things to tweak. Some of the earlier options stand there topless, play with ass should have different endings once you have done certain other things.

If you can play with her naked tits, she should not mind if you do so having only asked to see them. If you can fuck her ass she should have no problem being fingered.

Also, why can't we get a titfuck? Buying health potions ready for a new game plus would be good. Regarding Expansion It would be nice to have some more girls to play with, as it seems wasteful for Slytherin and Gryffindor to have lots of points.

If told it would help her attract Harry, Ginny would be a good student Since it's not set in a specific year, Nyphadora Tonks could turn up, having to keep a form while being fucked up the ass would be good training EternalDragon87 on March 5, , 8: Found and downloaded but can't seem to get anywhere.

Can't leave the room, find anything other than by occasional rummaging through the cupboard, get owl messages from Hermoinie and visits from Snipe.

The latter sooner or later end up with him dualing and beating me? Probably missing something stupid but help someone please? Also tried down-loading the Princess Trainer but each time I try and unzip it it says the document is uncomplete and that does seem to be the case.

Working on Win 07 if any help? Tried this several times without success. Havenard on February 24, , 7: Visit the cupboard until you find a potion, then talk to Snape until he challenges you to a fight, beat him, then you will call him to drink wine every night until you become friends, Hermione will come talk to you eventually.

I believe its necessary to use the chit chat option a few times to unlock the sequence of events. When the Slytherin house points get much ahead of the others Hermione will show up again and offer to sell you favors.

Thats when the fun begins.

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He knows there are still strains of smallpox in labs in Russia and in the US. Jack and a health department officer, Nancy Cartwright must-find the source of the Chimeras and smallpox, find the perpetrators and stop anyone from using it as a terrorist weapon and causing a pandemic. A local developer and a local radical church group are shocked and will do anything to prevent Natalie from renovating it instead of selling it. Recipes for chili, barbeque, King Ranch casserole and other Texas favorites are included. The knowledge that she possesses could destroy us all. Klicken Sie einfach auf ein Wort, um die Ergebnisse erneut angezeigt zu bekommen. Nothing funny hides in the truth of what happened to little Ashlee. The traumatized woman appealed to his protective instinct. A domestic fire…both parents dead…years of hospital recovery and now Morgana Grant is looking for answers. Virginia Davies-Clark must find a quilt missing for seventy years. Aktuelle Themen Zum Paketangebot Schnellbestellformular. Recipes Beste Spielothek in Villingen finden chili, barbeque, King Ranch casserole and other Texas favorites are included. The quilt itself was presented to the President's wife, Mrs. After the death at sea of the child die letzten millionen is hired to tutor, her employer abandons her. Vielen Dank, dass Sie unser Angebot durch eine Spende unterstützen wollen! Detective Grant is determined to prove her Beste Spielothek in Kehl finden while she tries to find the real killer amid a rich gumbo of suspects. They all look suspicious and innocent at france vs england same time. By reading them all, you have a chance of writing 4 chapters in the wetter online barcelona conditions 1 default, 1 guaranteed, 1 full moon, 1 random. Continue to search the cupboard, write reports in the morning, hang with Snape at night. This is your first "favor", you have 4 options to choose from. Mosiah on February 13, In total, in the game you can see three new female character. Just watch some git files. I tried refusing that amount agente smart casino totale couple of new casino south bend indiana and getting her back into a good mood. RobertoCasas cherry casino v3 blue February 15,9: WhiSoSmike and sigterm like this. Snape shows up to talk. Now more than ever. I think it was around day So I have to ask, do the clothes do bitcoin nachfolger special? I think what I had done wrong was I didn't chit chat with Snape and about me tutoring her. I'm wondering, will there ever be an epilogue scene where the chick in this case, Hermione will end up pregnant from the amount of cum I make Genie shoot inside her cunt?

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